• Rock Island Sea Wool Sponge 5-6″

    • Size: 5 – 6 inches.
    • The Premium Sea Wool Sponge originates from the Gulf of Mexico. It is unmatched in durability and quality and is renowned for its fleecy texture. The bleached Sea Wool sponge makes the finest bath sponge available. A close look at the sponge surface will reveal many more fine filaments (tiny needles) than comparable sponges, thus performing a superior job cleaning skin pores. These sponges are highly absorbent and resilient, yet also soft and silky! The natural sponge is a renewable natural resource harvested from the ocean. Scientific studies have confirmed that the regular harvest of natural sponges actually enhances the health and population of the sponges. Natural sponges are more absorbent, more durable and longer lasting than synthetic sponges and do not hold bacteria. Their soft texture promotes better and less abrasive cleaning.
    • The sponging industry is regulated by the State of Florida, which monitors each season closely.  Each purchase of natural sponges is reported to the State via “trip tickets” completed with details on type of sponge, quantity, area fished, depth of water, length of trip, etc.
    • Natural sponges are a 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, quickly renewable natural resource.
    • To care for your sponge, simply rinse well after use, squeeze out excess water
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